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Handcrafted, wire wrapped turquoise in copper pendant, this pendant would make the perfect gift or treat for yourself.


This handmade pendant features a stunning tear drop shaped turquoise in copper crystal, hand wrapped in silver plated wire.

Measuring 55  x 26 mm at its widest parts. 

This pendant comes on a cahin up to 24 inch or cord up to 28 inch.


Turquoise - Blue/green in colour is connected to the heart, throat and third eye chakra. Turquoise is known as a purification crystal believed to help dispel negativity. Turquoise is believed to balance chakras, helping to stabilise mood swings and promote inner calm. Turquoise is a good crystal for anyone suffering with anxiety, depression or exhaustion and is believed to help anyone who suffers from panic attacks.


Copper - is believed to bring positivity and good luck. Copper is also believed to enhance the healing properties of the crystal it is with.

---Processing and packaging---


Your items will arrive carefully packaged and well presented, with a printout of the crystals healing properties.Handling time is up to 1 working day. Your items are sent out 48hrs tracked delivery.


--- Free uk delivery on orders over £40---

Turquoise in Copper Pendant

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